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 Pieter Bruegel the younger, A Village Fair (Village festival in Honour of Saint Hubert and Saint Anthony)
Will the Marketplace survive?

M a r i u s   C h i v u

It’s hard to imagine religion without the marketplaces in the time of Jesus or art without the marketplaces seen by Brueghel or Dickens. It is equally difficult to visualize tourism today in the Middle East or in South America without these marketplaces. Without having studied the anthropology of this cultural topos, it seems to me obvious that the marketplace has been the negotiating point of human history, both literally and figuratively. As I do not believe in the end of history, I do not believe in the death of the marketplace.


MARIUS CHIVU, 1978. Writer, translator and literary chronicler. He debuted with the volume of poetry Vântureasa de plastic (Brumar Publishing House, 2012 / La ventoliere en plastique, translated by Fanny Chartres, Éditions M.E.O., 2015, debut prize awarded by USR and by the Cultural Observatory magazine). He published the travel journal Three weeks in the Himalayas (Humanitas Publishing House, 2012/1414), the book of interviews What the Author Wanted to Say (Polirom Publishing House, 2013) and short prose volume End of Season (Polirom Publishing House, 2014). Since 2005 he is editor of the magazine Dilema veche, where he holds the literary chronicle, ELLE journalist, publisher of the quarterly journal of short prose Iocan (alongside Florin Iaru and Cristian Teodorescu), as well as the producer of All You Can Read from Radio Seven (103.4 FM or online at

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