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We sent our guest the following invitation:


We would like to invite you to contribute to this issue with a short text, accompanied by an image. Our main inspiration in selecting the ground of discussion is the book "On and around architecture. Ten conversations", by Sergison Bates architects, published in 2020. Thus, the text may refer to one of the following extracted themes:

The relationship between heritage and reuse in respect to the contemporary city based on (the notion of) continuity with historical forms of urbanism and negotiation with existing conditions. In the aforementioned book, reference is made to Rafael Moneo who stated in his essay about the “life of buildings”, architecture will remain open to new interpretations which extend its life indefinitely if it’s firmly established.

Addressing the notion of scale under the pressure of density, as a base unit for the development of (new) textures of the city as opposed to a quantitative process

Evolving typologies adapting to different social needs - witnessing the increasing pressure towards the historical city, we agree with the view reflected in the book that it rises the mission to create spaces that relate to our living conditions without neglecting the beauty and historical or social relevance of the existing structure. Can we make sense of a certain place and retain our loyalty to it within a new project?

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