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#9. Reference, time and the city


Mazzocchioo.Magazine#9 accompanies the insightful conferences held by  architects Tony Fretton and Jonathan Sergison, in November in Bucharest. Preceding the event, interviews with the two guests were conducted in July and August 2023 via Zoom. These insightful conversations, orchestrated in collaboration with our guest editor for this issue, Radu Tîrcă, served as the foundation for a comprehensive exploration of their perspectives and contributions. 


In addition to the interviews, Mzch#9 aims to spark discussions on key themes relevant to Fretton and Sergison's architectural practices. With a specific focus on heritage preservation and adaptive reuse in the context of modern urban density, a diverse group of architects and educators share succinct viewpoints aligning with the essence of the guests' work.


The issue concludes with an excerpt from Radu's Ph.D. thesis, "On Continuity and Discontinuity: A Morphological Approach to Bucharest." This research delves into the evolution of Bucharest's urban fabric in the 20th century, emphasizing the transformation of large, unused plots in the city's median ring. Radu's study, aligned with the themes explored by Fretton and Sergison, highlights the profound interconnection between architectural typologies shaping urban configuration and the dynamic fabric of the evolving city.



Ștefan Simion, Irina Meliță

Guest editor:

Radu Tîrcă



Ștefania Tîrcă



`Ion Mincu` University Press,

Academiei street, no. 18-20, sector 1,
© 2023 Poster srl
© 2023 Editura Universitară


Published in November 2023

A morphological approach to Bucharest | forthcoming
Janina Gosseye | forthcoming
Luca Ortelli | forthcoming
Mark Pimlott | forthcoming

MAZZOCCHIOO#9 is made possible

 with the support of The Romanian Order of Architects through the Architecture Stamp Duty

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