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#8. Notes on the Conference of Valerio Olgiati in Bucharest


On the 19th of October 2022, Valerio Olgiati received the Doctor Honoris Causa title of UAUIM after having given an insightful conference at the Romanian Athenaeum, in front of an audience of 700 students, teachers, and architects.

It happened 14 months after the initial idea of inviting him to Bucharest came through an email exchange I had with Markus Breitschmid, the author of Non-Referential Architecture, regarding possible academic collaborations. He let me know that Valerio Olgiati would be interested in coming to Bucharest for a second time. I wrote to their office and after a lengthy and precise discussion regarding context and details, the conference was on track. In collaboration with the Bucharest Territorial Branch of the Romanian Order of Architects, Mazzocchioo won a funding session from the Romanian Order of Architects that enabled the initiation of the actual organization of the conference.

Mazzocchioo#8 echoes Mazzocchioo Talks#8_Conference of Valerio Olgiati in Bucharest.

Ștefan Simion, editor of Mazzocchioo



Ștefan Simion, Irina Meliță

Guest editor:

Cosmin O.Gălățianu


Special thanks to:

Prof. Dr. Arch. Iulia Stanciu


Design & Typeset:

Ilinca Pop



`Ion Mincu` University Press


Published in February 2023

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