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#2. F A K E   S T A B I L I T Y 


The contemporary city is a collection of fake stabilities. All architecture (and consequently each built place) is the embodiment of a set of conceptions. Fake stability describes the condition of colliding ideologies in their built form. Its result is a territory freed of ideological load. This is the urban land of possibilities. It is both strength and weakness. In the urban realm, the fake cohabits with authenticity just as the permanence is measured by the ephemeral.


Mazzocchio’s second issue focuses on the polemic brutal superposition of a new urban vision onto an existing urban tissue. As a result of the second half of the 20th century interventions, the structure of Bucharest has been profoundly affected. Almost 30 years after the Ceausescu regime has ended, #M2 brings into discussion the opportunities embedded into the urban situations where the so-called communist built heritage cohabits with the preceding city in a strange state of fake stability.




Stefan Simion, Irina Melita



Bianca Gavrila ,George Stanescu, Iulia Tudosie


Bianca Gavrila ,George Stanescu, Iulia Tudosie

Publisher: Editura Universitara “Ion Mincu”


ISSN 2559 - 5377

ISSN-L 2559 - 5377


Published in June 2017

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