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#6. The architecture of discipline: Schools of Bucharest


MZCH # 6 is based on the academic study conducted in the academic year 2019-2020 in the UAUIM 3rd year studio coordinated by Ștefan Simion, Emil Burbea, Cristi Borcan.


Through survey, drawing, model and photographic documentary, the study focused on grasping the spatial, typological and ideological nature of nine high-schools inside the central ring of Bucharest, as well as the urban importance of these buildings in urban context: Cantemir Vodă, Gheorghe Lazăr, Gheorghe Șincai , Matei Basarab, Mihai Eminescu, Mihai Viteazul, Sfântul Sava, Central School, Miguel de Cervantes.



Ștefan Simion, Irina Meliță

Guest editor:

Emil Burbea


Editorial team:

Bogdan Botoi, Andreea Belmega, Teodor Biban, Amanda Bușe, Teodora Escu, Amalia Nedelcu, Delia Răpsigan, Ruxandra Sandovici, Catrina Ulici, Claudiu Zidărescu


Publisher: Editura Universitara “Ion Mincu”


ISSN 2559-5377

ISSN-L 2559-5377



Published in September 2020

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