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Is a Monastery an Ideal City (fragment)?

Top view of the Hurezi Monastery

Courtesy of Mother Ambrosia

Mother Ambrosia


I do not know if we can assert that any monastery could be compared to an Ideal City, but I dare say that the Hurezi monastic ensemble could.
Hurezi Monastery is the largest ensemble of Brâncoveanu art that has been standing still for 300 years. Architecture, stone and wood sculptures, as well as Byzantine painting, refer to a single style - the Brancovan style - which, in short, could be characterized as harmony, rhythm and color.
The monastery is a mechanism that operates according to a set of stable, old rules. The life of the fortress is primarily connected with the large church, set in the middle of the ensemble, where the religious rituals are held, the place around which life unfolds ... The administration, the religious, cultural activity, the touristic potential that the monastery offers can be sufficient reasons to compare it to an urban fragment.


On the other hand, considering the picturesque settlement, the medieval architecture of the monastery and the way of understanding the place by those who live here, I believe the monastery participates in the life of Horezu and the village of Romanii de Jos. I hope that people can see this settlement as an ideal place where they can also find spirituality and cultural education. This place educates through itself, it returns you back in history 300 years ago and the most beautiful thing is that it is being able to remain almost unchanged as a testimony to a great artistic creation value.

Mother Ambrosia is the abbess of Hurezi Monastery, UNESCO heritage site. She has a Masters Degree in Restoration of Sacred Art Objects.

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