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Marketplaces in nowadays Bucharest are strong preservers of tradition. These spaces nurture a rich sense of community, all while engaging its participants in an extensive sensory experience. Packed with colors and flavors, their richness is an open invitation for close social exploration and dialogue, both with vendors and other people around.  

Comparatively, the Supermarket could be perceived as an artificial and sterile variety of the Marketplace. It provides a standardized framework that brings together many different product categories all in one place, its fundamental asset being the diversity of supply. What it gains in efficiency and speed, it lacks in offering an unaltered, authentic experience like traditional markets do.

The Flower Market can be distinguished from other types of markets through its supply, i.e. flowers and its indisputable aesthetic role, instead of the more functional aspect visible in other Marketplaces of Bucharest.

Our proposal want to preserve the specificity of this market, its lively ambience, strong sense of community and flower arrangement, whilst aiming to act in response to factual needs that are not currently met. Offering a reinterpretation of those temporary & impromptu structures from marketplaces everywhere, this new Flower Market enjoys a refined and more coherent presence in the urban context. Given that there are different flowers and people as seasons come and go, this dynamic and organic space is supposed to be active and full of life.

TEAM: Monica Cîrstea, Isabella Tania Măldăianu, Camelia Mihaela Tudor

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