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The Common Purpose

According to one of the most iconic myths of humankind, there was at first a united human race, speaking a single language, who shared a common goal for which everyone worked in good understanding with the others. Offended by the audacity of their project, God confounded their speech so that they could no longer understand each other and scattered them. Could this be considered the first form of migration of all times?

The turn of events in modern history led to the idea that all nations should participate in worldwide peace and wellbeing in order to prevent another world conflict. So, ironically, the League of Nations first meeting in 1920 resumes the world’s shared purpose and tries to understand all languages despite all differences and interests. This could also be considered the first step to free movement.

Nowadays, we consider that changing the city or the country we live in is a standard feature of modern life in the strength of transport speed and the international freedom of circulation that various political organisms assure.
The common purpose


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