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Gheorghe Șincai National College

Gheorghe Șincai National College is situated in a special urban context, in the northern extremity of Tineretului Park, at the intersection of Cuza Vodă street (currently Gheorghe Șincai street), Dimitrie Cantemir boulevard and Șerban Vodă Avenue. The oldest roadway to define the area, Cuza Vodă street, descends the hill and splits in the intersection.

The area was subject to major urbanistic interventions. The college building, after being finalized in 1928, served as the main tool for the intention to draw the north-southaxis of Bucharest. Șerban Vodă Avenue was straightened while the construction took place to fit the corner volume and facades of the new building. Dimitrie Cantemir Boulevard was opened in the 1960s, on the eastern side of the building, to finalise the current intersection.

The volume of the building serves as a dominant, its height following the topographical slope, while creating interior spaces with exceptional proportions. The resulting image not only showcases the importance of the educational program, but its representative nature also contributes to the appearance of the intersection.

Alongside its main body, the initial building has been extended through a western wing, gracefully following Șerban Vodă Avenue. A one-level and semi-basement eastern wing was added after the completion of Dimitrie Cantemir boulevard in 1960, fulfilling the need to relate to the newly constructed front. The staircase connected to the central festivities hall was also altered.

We presume the high school to have been initially thought out as symmetrical, having a secondary wing, identical to the one on Șerban Vodă Avenue, so as to relate to Gheorghe Șincai boulevard, on the eastern side. However, due to the urbanistic interventions of the 1960s, the layout of the high school has remained in its current state, split by the new Dimitrie Cantemir boulevard.

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TEAM:  Floriana Bășanu, Răzvan Chindriș, Andrei Coșa

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