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“Gheorghe Lazăr” National College

“Gheorghe Lazăr” National College was built in 1890 by architect Filip Montoureanu, intented as a boys’ school and eventually becoming a high school. The building was finished in 1931 by erecting the northern wing which stands out due to its height and layout.

The high school is located at the intersection between Queen Elisabeth boulevard and Schitu Măgureanu. The main wing faces Queen Elisabeth boulevard, while the other two perpendicular wings are linked by the last added one. Together, they form an inner courtyard. Moreover, the building sits in a corner of Cișmigiu Gardens but they cannot be accessed from the high school. 

This building with inner courtyard typology can also be seen at The Central School, resembling monastery cloisters. Thus, a protected space in which pupils can carry out various activities is created.

The layout is rectangular with equal parts built and unbuilt spaces. The hallway faces the inner courtyard on its three old wings but is found in the middle of the two rows of classrooms in the new body. 

The construction is made of brick and lime mortar masonry and has concrete foundations. Natural stone was used to make the frameworks and entablement of the main entrance, while stairwells and floorings were finished with Carrara marble. The ornamental repertoire is made up of pilasters and capitals, vegetal motiffs and glazed ceramics decorations.

What distinguishes Gheorghe Lazăr National College are its ciel blue ceramics, its high arches and its clock tower overlooking Cișmigiu Gardens. Its eclectic architecture and its monumentality make this building representative of the historical period in which it was built.

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TEAM:  Anca Boboc, Sonia Dumitrescu, Denisa Dragne

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