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Norilor Marketplace (literal translation „the marketplace of the clouds”) is a very representative example of the youngest markets of Bucharest. After the inauguration of D.Cantermir Boulevard as an extension of the N-S axis, the interest for Tineretului area has risen. So starting with 1974 the old buildings were brought down to make way for the new Tineretului neighborhood. It came with all the necessary features like schools, kindergartens and of course the marketplace, which became known as Norilor.

Today Norilor dominates the marketplace scene in the area.  By being the only one, it is therefore intensely frequented. The mercantile activity has extended along the main street, turning the apartment block’s ground floors into shops, occasionally even supermarkets. The street is now an important commercial strip that sustains and works along with the marketplace.

A closer look brought into view a neglected area bounded between the marketplace’s building and the surrounding apartment blocks a space with less urban interest. It is a large enclosure used as a parking lot, whilst in the middle reins the thermal power plant.

We intended to save this generic, and some might even say ill-fated space. We made a pretext out of the marketplace’s enlargement tendencies towards this zone. Keeping the firm boxes of the market along with the metallic grid, we extended it until meeting the thermal power plant - hoping for a bigger and more flexible space for commerce. We proposed to bury the thermal plant’s equipment in an underground level and decided to lose the top closure of the plant’s shell, leaving us with an open box ready to offer the sky to the local community activities. At the main entrance, the massive element of the existing marketplace hosts places like coffee shops and restaurants, which could use the fresh groceries from the marketplace. The proposed pavement will cover the entire surface, being made out of tiles which organically come together to form walking paths or distance themselves, leaving (sufficient) space for grass and trees.

TEAM: Anca Alexandra Iscru, Sabin Andrei Ţenea, Bucur Mihai Cristiev

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