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Our proposal aims to bring back the typical atmosphere of a marketplace, atmosphere which has been forgotten at the Gemeni market, in the context  of the arrival of the supermarkets and due to the urbanistic changes that have  occured  here.

Our goal is to integrate the empty space that is now used as a car park and transform it into a multiple use area, a place for fairs or events, thus creating a stronger connection between the market and the street.

In our attempt to preserve the same interior atmosphere, our intervention is as humble as possible: the ground floor is heightened in order to give the building a sort of dignity and we established a hierarchy of the retail areas. In the two main volumes of the shed we arranged the fresh produce stalls, assigning the spaces in the block at the back to the selling of other products. The limited first floor extension is dedicated to the administrative offices and some accomodation for the merchants.

A detail we considered important is the gable roofing system. The skylight and the glass façade ensure that the interior is conveniently lit. The central strip is glazed right above the circulation, so that there’s no risk of over-heating and direct sunlight over the stalls.

TEAM:  Alex Folea, Diana Ghervas, Laurentiu Botoaca.           

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