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The marketplace at Obor is one of the oldest in Bucharest. Formerly known as Moșilor fair, it has continued to this day as the city’s largest outlet market, encompassing a broad variety of products.

Its versatility is an important feature that has kept the place alive throughout the years. First an animal fair, then a cereal market – Obor hosted carnivals and even public executions for a while. The marketplace went along as an active part of the town by fulfilling the needs of the inhabitants.  At the same time, it has become a self-standing entity that wears an aura of eternity: ”Oh!, Obor can’t possibly disappear!”

Space can be shaped, sometimes even defined by the presence of man. In this case, comfort is not a priority: the sellers put up their stalls in all kinds of places (most of the time only temporarily).  The general store, the mall and other contemporary retail venues share their urban influence with the marketplace, drawing the same benefits.

Our proposal is a well-defined path that guides the pedestrians and invigorates the area. The bazaar is integrated through enlargement and reorganisation. At the same time, we optimised the empty spaces between the sheds by adding foldable stalls, so that the place can function according to the needs of the users.

COLECTIV:  Andreea Alexandra Ilie , Irina Lungu, Ioana Ruxandra Popescu

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