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Vehicles of migration

In some cases, migration results from oppressive regimes or political crises that force the inhabitants to leave for safety reasons. The illegal state of the journey and financial limitation involve improper modes of transport for those who seek shelter in other countries. Fear drives many of them to make dangerous journeys that can end up in tragedy.

Art is a means of transmitting the message of the immigrants in critical situations. Whether it simply exposes reality or emphasizes the most extreme experiences of migration, the purpose is to draw attention to a phenomenon present in everyday life and bring empathy to our view of immigration.

Crossing the border to another land is seen as a solemn moment of victory behind which lie the hopes of the fugitive. What is the role of the vehicle they reach the destination in? What can we do about the dogmatic and mechanical vision of boundaries?


[1] Add color (Refugee boat) - art installation, Yoko Ono (2019)

[2] Libyan truck transporting people between Chad and Libya , shot by Raymond Depardon (1978)

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